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Engagement Rings


Valina Collection

Experience the Look of Love with the Valina Bridal Collection! This is represented by our signature diamond set on the side of the ring shanks. When the engagement ring and band are worn together, the two diamonds line up, signifying the joining of the couples lives together! This exciting collection allows you to purchase a […]

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Stuller Collection

Stuller, Inc. was founded by Matt Stuller in 1970. We provide JUST IN TIME delivery of more than 200,000 different items to over 40,000 jewelry professionals throughout the world. As a DTC Sightholder, we own 9 operations located on three continents, providing a wide range of products and services for jewelry professionals.

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Kim International Collection

Kim International Manufacturing has been serving the jewelry industry since 1975. We have always focused on serving independent jewelers with an extensive product offering and unparalleled customer service. During the past few years, we have been busy reinventing ourselves to better serve our retailers. We now have a team of sales professionals that cover all […]

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Coast Diamond Collection

Elegant design and superb quality are the hallmarks of a Coast Diamond ring. Since 1978, Coast has designed classic and romantic bridal jewelry with the highest standards of quality. Jay Gilbert introduces designs that are graceful and stylish, offering an assortment of rings that range from delicate and subtle to intricate and sophisticated. Coast engagement […]

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Ancora Designs Collection

Ancora Designs is a manufacturer of fine diamond jewelry in 14K, 18K gold and Platinum. We have been serving the industry since 1982 and providing our valued clients with the latest, most innovative and marketable jewelry designs.We believe that by manufacturing in our own factory, we can serve our customer better and faster, as well […]

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Gabriel & Co. Collection

Our story begins with two dynamic and talented brothers, Jack and Dominick, who saw an unfeeling jewelry industry that needed new vision. They understood why unique, quality jewelry is important to people in the first place: to celebrate the special occasions, to commemorate the momentous accomplishments, to honor the deepest relationships, and to capture the […]

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James Kurk Collection

James Kurk for over a quarter of a century offers precision cut pieces with the highest manufacturing process standards. Their jewelry is unsurpassed offering the best in quality.

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